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Why Widows Ditch Their Advisors Why Widows Ditch Their Advisors
Laid Off After 20 Years? Time To Reinvent Yourself Laid Off After 20 Years? Time To Reinvent Yourself
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Why Is Talking About Money So Taboo?

Think about conversations you have had with friends and family. My oldest friend and I met in kindergarten. We have gone through everything together — death, marriage, divorce, job losses, and childbirth. Yet, the one thing we don’t discuss is money. We talk about it in general terms but I have no idea what her real financial situation is, and she doesn’t know mine. When my girlfriends and I get […]


Summertime and the Livin’ is Easy

Oh, June. You hold so much for us; Father’s Day, Summer Solstice, the last day of school for a happy bunch of students, and lazy, hazy weekends spent contemplating yard work but maybe never actually getting there. With only a thirty-day stretch until July, the whole month feels like a single busy weekend before Canada Day, when we all finally get to take a breather and enjoy the breeziness of […]

Dr. Deborah's Workbooks Money in Transition - Money in Motion

Money In Motion

When your life is in motion so is your money… We at MyMoneyMindset understand life transitions. We’ve had a few significant ones ourselves and they have the power to change everything. Sometimes transitions are major- like marriage, divorce, death, job changes. When these types of transitions happen, we are rocked at our foundation. It’s a time when we reflect on our lives, where we’ve been and where we’re headed. Then […]

Financial Planning for Women: What is the MyMoneyMindset Program?

MyMoneyMindset was developed with you in mind. MyMoneyMindset helps you understand what your unique Money Mindset is. It’s a one of a kind money management program developed by Dr. Deborah Nixon and consists of a scientifically designed quiz along with an instantly downloadable report and action plan specifically designed for women. Follow that up with Dr. Deborah's financial planning workshops for women, financial books for women and financial advice for women. My Money Mindset will help you make better and informed decisions about your money. Negotiate anything - a raise, more vacation, the price of a car, a settlement - practically anything. Don’t you owe it yourself! Isn’t your peace of mind worth it?

Recognized as one of the leading financial advisors in Toronto for women and money issues, Dr. Deborah deals with:

  • Women in transition
  • Women and retirement planning
  • Financial planning for women divorcing
  • Budgeting and money tips
  • Women and career change
  • Financial advice for widows
  • Dealing with sudden wealth
  • Coping with financial worries

Contact Dr. Deborah Nixon today for a no obligation initial consultation and take charge of your money today!