My Economic Destiny – A Motivational Composition

By Ana Garcia Grande

I grew up having absolutely EVERYTHING my heart desired.

I never knew we were poor, my parents never allowed the “poor” mentality to be programmed. It wasn’t until my teen years that I realized I had come from poverty.

I recall that from the early age of three or four, I would ask my mother to make an unplanned purchase for me, and rather than say “we have no money”, she would always say “yes, yes you CAN have it”.

She would than proceed to help me check the price, begin an action plan by together doing the math to calculate how much I needed to save and determine the time length.

There are three key shopping tips I learned from my mother before the age of seven;

1. Shopping is not a hobby.

Shopping is a treat for special occasions, such as Christmas and Birthdays.

2. Do I really NEED it?

Is this purchase a survival must, is it an affordable luxury, and is this luxury necessary to my life in this moment?

 3. Price comparison.

Take control of your emotions and actions, do not make an impulse purchase. Visit other stores while always remaining time conscious.

My father, his new family and I immigrated to Canada when I was eight years of age. My father a well known journalist, cyclist, and with many ties to the world of television had to kiss his success goodbye and restart his life.

Like many hard working, goal oriented new immigrant in Canada, my father had four different jobs to provide for us. Through it all I never once heard him grunt, yet alone make a sour face.

There were times when he would allow me to accompany him to deliver flyers. I loved those times with my father, racing down the streets of Ottawa from house to house, smiling and feeling so alive.

One of the many lessons I took from this period of my life with my father included to work hard for what you want and to find love in your work no matter what it is.

So you see, without much use of words, a worry free mentality, money management, and happiness regardless of your temporary circumstance is what I was taught.

The actions and attitude that I observed my parents take is what has had the most influence in not only my overall life but also my views and plans for my economic future.

I encourage you to take more action and a positive attitude towards money. It is never too late or too early to begin teaching ourselves and the younger generations a few key fundamental rules and yes values about money.

We women are leaders, believers and trend setters, it is time we begin a new trend: it’s not the quantity of money, or money alone for that matter that makes the world turn; it is HOW you use your money that will bring about great change and prosperity.

Your Economic Destiny Motivational Composition

 Woman, the beautiful creation of God, synonym of beauty and intelligence.

Woman, a special being that deserves respect and value.

Woman, sweet, loving, soft, with the strength of a leafcutter Ant and the faith of a mustard seed.

Woman, you are beautiful, yes YOU.

This is your moment to shine, don’t let anybody take your moment from you; do not be shy to share all of your beauty and strength with the world.

Don’t spend your days worrying, for it serves you no good.

Enjoy the storm, and than rejoice under the rainbow.

Take your time in this transition, dance your way through the motions, enjoy the Spins and twirls, the whirls and turns, for this is your time to dance.

The power of wealth is in your hands, whatever you want you can have, and succeed in anything you put your mind to.

Your circumstances have no influence on the outcome of your life, for you are the author of your story, the boss.

Your economic destiny is for you to determine, take specific action to better your condition. Your economic mindset is Freedom.

Freedom from the bondage of your financial situation, you will achieve your full economic potential.

The power and ability to take complete control of not only your life but your personal financial destiny is within you.

Go live a successful life and make a positive contribution to this world, to society, to YOU

Ana Garcia Grande is a tri-lingual Office Administrator, obtaining her diploma in 2005 and has since worked in the field, for both the private sector and the Government of Canada.  Ana’s interest in the health and care of children drove her to obtain her Child Care Provider Training. And has also worked as an ESL teacher, a skin care consultant, and a makeup artist for various cosmetic lines.

Ana has a passion for providing people from all paths of life with motivational coaching to reach their full potential and create the life they want. Her love to help other women increased in 2011 after herself becoming a single mother at nearly two months pregnant with their second child.

When Ana is not working, changing diapers or making one of her delicious Salvadorian meals, you can find her working on her blog at a local Café or Jogging through the streets of Canada’s capital.

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