What Are Your Spending Habits? Find Out Here

I really like and support this organization. They are a group of researchers who are interested in learning about how we make money decisions.  They are also here to help YOU. So take their free quizzes. You’ll be amazed at what you learn about yourself.  Need an action plan afterwards- I can help with that.

BeyondThePurchase.Org helps people make the connection between their spending habits – how do you spend your money and who do you spend it on – and their happiness. To learn about what might be influencing how you think about and spend your money, Login or Register with Beyond The Purchase, then take a few of their spending habits quizzes:

How materialistic are you? Find out by taking the Materialistic Values Scale.

Are you a compulsive buyer? Take the Compulsive Buying Scale and learn about your spending habits.

In what ways do you hope your purchases will transform your life? The Transformation Expectations Questionnaire will tell you about what you expect from your next big purchase.