Summertime Spending: How to Protect Your Wallet from the Sun

Written by Jessica Catalli

As the rain washes away the last of a relentless winter season, we find ourselves anticipating the arrival of warm weather, patios and open-toe shoes. Who can deny the contagious excitement of the people in television commercials, leaping to-and-fro in light colored denim and pastel tank tops? And what about the new summer-menu of that restaurant down the street? Indeed, we let ourselves believe that summer is a time of relaxation without responsibility; much the same way we tend to pack on pounds around the holidays (Who’s going to see that extra slice of cake beneath a thick wool sweater?). It seems the only solution is to pace ourselves; to control our desires for the latest thing and enjoy the season within our means.

In the spirit of self-control and balance, here are five fun and budget-friendly activities to try this summer:

The Drive-in:


Drive-in Theatre- Image via Flickriver


When was the last time you saw a movie at the drive-in theatre? Pack up the car with a couple of friends, a few lawn chairs and some blankets and you’re all set. Most drive-in theatres play two movies, which gives you more value for what you spend. Bonus: You get to be creative with your own snacks!

Pot-luck Dinner:

Dinner- Image via Realsimple

After a long week, there’s nothing better than unwinding with friends over a good meal; why not in the comfort of your own home? Avoid the reservations and pricy mark-ups; invite some girlfriends

to bring over their specialties and get cooking!

 Road Trip:

Road trip- Image via Blogspot

 There doesn’t necessarily need to be a destination for your adventure, which works great with a group or as a solo-activity. Driving a little ways out of town gives you a chance to explore what lies beyond your own backyard and helps develop a sense of independence and direction. Take along some cold drinks and good music and you have a pretty kicking afternoon.

See What Your City is Up to:

Your City- Image via Aquavalue

Hop on a search engine and type in your city’s name. Usually, the town’s website will appear and you will be able to browse different programs or activities that are taking place. They vary in nature but are usually low-cost if not free. Expand your search by typing in the names of cities surrounding you. In no time, you’ll have places to go and people to see. Perfect!

Play on a Team:


Play on a Team- Image via Beautyqueengene

Most cities offer sport and social clubs, where individuals can come together as teams and play their favorite sports. Usually there are many leagues available, ranging from recreational to intermediate and different programs that run from season-to-season or all year round. Playing on a team is a great chance to expand your social circle and is a great form of exercise; in other words, well worth the one-time registration fee.

A great experience does not always come with a hefty price tag. It is important to keep in mind that we create our own experiences; that we can control what we buy, and that what we buy cannot control us. In a time where leisure tends to take over, it is imperative that we take the necessary precautions to not get burned!



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