The MyMoneyMindset Life Log is designed to help you identify, consolidate and keep track of your personal information offline and online. The digital revolution is so much a part of our lives that many of us have a greater identity online than we do offline. Bringing your money life together in one place will help you to be in control of your present and your future. Feeling organized by taking inventory of all of your personal things and knowing where they are and how to locate them will free your mind of stress and worry. This part of your life is in order.

Your LifeLog is essential if you are…
• Creating or updating your will or estate plan
• Creating or updating your fi nancial plan
• Getting ready to move
• You want to get control of your fi nancial future

Getting started ins simple. Just insert your personal information. And don’t forget to save. You can print your LifeLog at any time.


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