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Money In Motion

When your life is in motion so is your money…

We at MyMoneyMindset understand life transitions. We’ve had a few significant ones ourselves and they have the power to change everything. Sometimes transitions are major- like marriage, divorce, death, job changes. When these types of transitions happen, we are rocked at our foundation. It’s a time when we reflect on our lives, where we’ve been and where we’re headed.

Then there are minor transitions such as a promotion at work, a child graduating from school, a change in your finances or the achievement of a goal. While these transitions don’t shift your world, they do cause you to think about your priorities.

There are transitions that occur with each decade of life. Gail Sheehy’s bestselling book, Passages, chronicles each decade of life. She described developmental stages of life which change us from within. MyMoneyMindset focuses on the emotional side of your life. We want to help to guide you through those life transitions. We know they can be tough at times. But we also know that they help you to grow.

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