Financial Planning Workshop for Women

Financial classes for women in Toronto

Take action and take charge of your money!

Are you looking for financial classes for women in Toronto? Your search ends here.

MyMoneyMindset can help you take the first step towards financial control and we will be with you throughout your journey.  Although money management for women is our primary focus and this unique program was designed around women and money, we have since found that partners, families and even kids love it.

Each of our carefully designed money management seminars and financial planning courses for women helps you to connect with your money story and helps you to understand yourself better.  You’ll understand your emotional triggers and how to manage your response to them.

You will learn how to get your power back so that you control your money, not let it control you.

Choose from two comprehensive financial planning workshops for women in Toronto:

An hour and a half that can change your life

Are you at a crossroads?  Do you need to figure out your financial life but not sure where to start? Are you in transition? You may know your life is changing but do you know what it means for you financially? This financial planning workshop for women is ideal for people at an important point in their in their lives…Learn more.

It’s not what you learn, it’s what you do with it

Even the hardest conversation begins with a single word. Have you ever faced these situations: • You want to talk about money with your partner but not sure how to approach the topic. • You want a raise but you don’t know how to ask for one. • You want a financial plan but you don’t have time to even think about it…Learn More.

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