90 Minutes That Can Change Your Life

Are you at a crossroads?  Do you need to figure out your financial life but not sure where to start? Are you in transition? You may know your life is changing but do you know what it means for you financially?

This workshop is idea for people at an important point in their in their lives. In this comprehensive, interactive workshop, you will

• understand what is most important to you in your life.

• learn how to align your values to our spending

• recognize our blocks to good money conversations

 We know that a little insight goes a long way. As well, you will have an opportunity to connect with other women, and:

1. Gain an understanding of why conversations about money are stressful .

2. Discover your emotional triggers and how spending feeds into that.

3. Create action steps and a work plan to begin your money empowerment journey.

To find out more or to sign up for the next workshop, email Dr. Deborah at deborah@mymoneymindset.com